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Check out what is at the markets around you before you attend. 

You might be missing something great!

Need cucumbers for canning pickles?  Reserve your local cucumbers online!

Support Farmers

40-50% of food produced goes wasted each year.


Pre-order your farm food to help the farmer pick to order, which allows them to bring the right amount of food to a market.

Local Sustainability

On average, items on a grocery store shelf travel up to 1,500 miles to get there. 

We can help reduce food transportation costs and pollutants in the air, land and waterways by buying local.

Educating Young Kids

Today, more than one and six children are obese (Trust for America's Health).


Michigan ranks 19th in the nation for obesity rates (Michigan State of Obesity).


Farm Brigge helping in elementary schools.

Kids Owning Their Health Journey


We want the best for our kids. And when we eat better, we feel better. We put those two things together and it became obvious that the heart of our mission should be helping kids think differently about the foods they eat.


That's why FARM BRIGGE is partnering with community supporters and schools to show kids how fresh food can be fun to prepare and tasty to eat. Having these experiences at a young age can encourage a lifetime of healthy eating habits.

How It works

Farm Brigge will help bring local farm food and recipes into elementary schools and have the kids make their own breakfast or lunch with us, inspiring them to try different foods and curious to be in the kitchen more at home.  By working together, the kids will take ownership of their food choices and build healthy eating habits for the future.  Each kid will take home the recipe from the day to share with their families.

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